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About Oak Harbor Elementary

Soaring Higher
Oak Harbor Elementary is the School of Choice for the Oak Harbor School District. Our Oak Harbor Elementary team consists of excellent staff members who work hard to provide our children with high-level, quality educational activities. As the School of Choice, we strive to build responsible citizens by offering grade-level enrichment learning activities that promote connections to the community and enhance the learning of our students. Each of our grade levels takes extensive field trips to enrich student learning. We also offer swimming lessons for all of our third graders. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to help our students become life-long learners. 
Leading Our School Today | Leading Our Community Tomorrow
As the school of choice, we implement this motto by having each grade choose a topic to focus on to learn more about our community and become more involved in it. Our grade-level projects range from modes of transportation to learning to become young authors. To learn more about each grade's specific focus, you can view the Community Projects page.  We look forward to meeting you and your family. 


Mrs. Christina Merritt

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Our Mascot
The Eagles

Drawing of Baby Eagle mascot